A Good Review of the New Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera

The Nikon D3400 is directed generally at people who wish to learn about photography and are moving up from bridge cameras or small cameras or coming directly in from having considered up photography with the mobile phones. As an end result it is built to help people to move along from the computerized settings, that will probably be used in the beginning, onto the semi-automatic and manual settings and help them be creative with their photography. The camera itself is made of toughened plastic. It seems quite robust and strong in your hand. Excellent very deep grip here which means that you can hold it quite easily with one palm – of course you shouldn’t take pictures like that – and generally speaking it feels like you then have a proper camera in your hand. D3400 memory card

The key elements in any camera will be the record size and the processor chip. The file size of the NIKON D3400 will go up to 24 megapixels which is a really big size. You are not should retain anything much larger than that unless most likely going to be taking pictures billboards. The processor, which is the EXPEED4 is a very competent processor chip. It gives you clear, bright images and is actually quite quick too. One particular of the selling items in this camera which you will see privately of the box and a whole lot of advertising it will go up to an ISO of 25, six-hundred. That basically means that it will take pictures in the dark. This kind of sounds great but actually I’m not convinced that most photographers, particularly at this level, may wish to go beyond an ISO of perhaps 3200. The noises ratio on 3200 is very good and gowns no small part down to the processor but really, 25, 600? Except if you actually want to shoot pictures in the dark I would say that’s somewhat of a red herring.

One thing I really do like about this camera is the fact it will give you five frames per second continuous, which takes you almost into the dominion of professional action picture taking which is a real bonus for a camera at this level. One more thing I like about this camera is that it’s a very good, high resolution back screen. The back screen isn’t articulated so it doesn’t move however nevertheless, it is high res and clear which is very useful. If perhaps you’re used to streamlined photography then, naturally, you will be used to taking photos through the back screen and you could do so here. You can also shoot video through the back screen and compose your videos, and the reproduction on the back screen is actually clear and very exact in conditions of what you see. The other reason for using your back screen is to gain access to the menus. Now there are four menus on here also because there are only four, it is rather difficult to find things in them because there is a long list – a long subcategory of elements in each menu. I do think I would have preferred Nikon to have had more selections with shorter lists of subcategories within them. Although that was an option that Nikon took and it actually means that it’s sometimes quite difficult to find what most likely looking for. One of the things I really do like about this camera that we think would appeal in people who are moving up from passage cameras or compact video cameras is that it has very decent effects on it and these can be used either before you take the picture or can be applied afterwards in some cases, but the effects that you have got here are really useful. You will get Night Vision which is a kind of grainy black-and-white shot. You might have Super Vivid which really punches the colors up. You will get Pop which likewise punches the colors up but will work more on pastel colors. You can have Image Illustration, which give your photographs a comic publication effect, you can have Toy Camera which offers the effect of the picture having been used with a cheap clear plastic lens camera. You can have Miniature Effect which blurs the edges of the image so that the subject at the center sticks out more. this can be very effective when shooting at an perspective, as it provides the impression that the niche is very small, like a toy. You can have Picked Color that makes the picture black and white apart from for the thing that you’ve decided to be color, which looks really effective. These effects can really help your picture standout and a great fun to work with.