An Arctic Adventure – Exploring Baffin Island

Iqaluit was the landing point for our charter and as we toured around in 3 school busses, it appeared to myself to be a significant destitute place – my opinions emanated from its ocean-edge location, the billowing shrouds of dust as well as the worn-out looking buildings and homes. There were a strange feeling of abandonment emphasized by our visit to the “Road to Nowhere” – a peculiar focal point to demonstrate visitors. The town acquired developed during the times of commercial whaling and then the fur control, however when this market crashed in the 20’s, the town languished. This feels almost as if people here have given up. hobie mirage eclipse cost

The ship zodiacs were looking forward to us on the outskirts of town and we had quite a ride out of the harbour to the ship as the wave can change up to 35 feet! Off we set about 1600, but soon we experienced our first Plan B. Right now there was a lot ice in Frobisher Bay that our ice-strengthened ship, the Russian Akademik Ioffe, required the use of an ice-breaker. The Terry Fox joined up with us about 2200 and it surged ahead through thick growlers and bergie bits until 0500 the next morning. We received up to watch it peel off to the suitable its way to help some other vessel out of trouble.

Thunderous Island was going to be our first stop but again Plan M occured. Hayley Shephard, the expedition leader, let all of us loose on our first zodiac wildlife cruise even though we’re able to not land on the island as a result of ice adjoining the island. It had been chilly (because it was our first ride and do not yet really know what clothes were going to focus on the zodiac rides) but sunny blue skies won. This would become the pattern of the next week through the Davis Strait as we contacted Greenland, our stops there, and our journey north west. Sea ice was our companion which is drinking water that has frozen into a berg. This is pretty many from glacier ice which comes from the land and fractures off to float and dissolve eventually. What were incredible were the leurre that appeared on the flat surfaces before all of us. Office buildings, walls and flat-topped structures rimmed the horizon and we pondered if you could take a picture of a mirage?

Cumberland Sound was completely blocked by ice cubes and so we going to Plan B and skipped Pangnirtung. Heading north-east instead, we were all up at 0320 one morning hours even as we crossed the Arctic Circle. The next early morning we were in dock at Sisimiut and that we tromped through the settlement for about 8 hours. 6200 people living here make it the second major town in Greenland. Automobiles and buses, a burial at the church, a picnic lunch, seal beef on the market at the butchers, working dogs, and one cafe all seemed a lttle bit of your mirage after the solitude of the prior few days. Culture impact Arctic-style!

The next morning hours we woke up at Jacobshavn Glacier which is the source of 60 per cent of the American snow. Most zodiac-ed in 12 rubberized motorboats and the 6 or so kayakers paddled around massive bergs up to 3 km’s. deep. As we acknowledged them, it will appear to be simply a wall of ice and snow then again we commenced to see individual bergs and could appreciate the size better. 40 kilometres of snow are backed up into the glacier proper. Since they edge forward out from the harbour mouth, the wave will carry them south west to Ellesmere Island where they turn south again and travel down over the east coast of Baffin Island to reach Newfoundland. This journey can take up to 3 years.

A BBQ on the back deck in the brilliant blue sun was dinner. There is a tag they even make your cabin door if you would like be undisturbed. It is a picture of an extremely bear and it says “Currently hibernating – please come back later”. This kind of is quite funny really because polar bears do not hibernate!