Brokering Concert Tickets 101

With all the now long term foundation of selling that is EBay–ticket scalping–or more kindly, admission brokering, has become a mainstay in the extra market of ticketing. Although once a simple aspect project to make a few bucks, this routine gamble is among the most livelihood of many people.

Sounds good doesn’t it? I’ll give you the 2 day inside scoop about how to start out selling concert tickets online. 

Above all there are generally 2 types of sales for concert tickets, a general public sale, offered to everyone, and a presale. A presale will take place from a week to a day prior to the public sale. To give an example of how this works, let’s say a concert has multitude of tickets to sell, they might have 200 entry pass available through a presale and the rest will be available through the public sale. Why buy the 200 rather than the 800? Well for a large show, one that’s going to sell out, you will have hundreds of men and women bidding for the similar tickets come the public sale, but the presale is going to be password protected, so only a small number of men and women are going to be putting in a bid for these concert seat tickets.