Builders & Contractors – Marketing 101

Contractors and Contractors – are you doing anything different in these hard times to increase your business? Or perhaps are you doing the same ole same ole? There is an old saying the definition of insanity has been doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Is that you?

What I’m trying to say is the old ways no more work. In by gone days all a contractor had to do was give the customer good quality and good service and they would be set. After that set back and let your customers do your selling for you. They will notify a friend and then that friend would tell a friend. Your mobile phone would be ringing off the hook. I remember as an Architectural artist some days I would have up to four people wanting to plan appointments for designs. That was the good ole days. KS Contractors website

There are problems. Most of all of us in the construction industry we’re not prepared for what happened. We never advertised ourselves, never had to. Thus what do we do. Answer: start by doing the basics. Here are some simple but powerful must does marketing. 

*You must Company your name. That means you have to become known in your area. Think of insurance company’s. There could be 40 insurance company’s in your area but there is always a few that are known by name. Example: “All Davis, Stat farm” see the reason, make your name synonymous with building.

*Become simpler to find. “The phone never rings”, boo hoo. Well why would it? Customers don’t mysteriously know who you are or what you do. In the event they are looking for your service they are going to use the internet to find you. You have to have a Website.

*Easy payments. This day and time credit still is king! You have to have a chance to get customers financed or at the very least take credit cards. It is merely the way the world does business.