Cameraman Kit – What Should a Cameraman Carry in Their ‘Run Bag’?

A ‘Run Bag’ is the Cameraman’s bag of essential tools. It should go everywhere the Shooter moves and not leave his part. A specialist Cameraman is described by the Tools this individual carries. You will discover over 55 run bag essentials also to be a successful dépanneur you should always be fully prepared with the right gear. Begin to build up your own run bag now, dokuz items you should carry are: Cameraman nunta

1. Multi-Purpose Tool Should certainly include pliers, and scissors for cutting pastes

2. Black Gaffer Tape Ought to be matte and 2inch wide. Good for mending just about anything and taping down cables. Getting matte helps decrease the reflection from lights (if in frame).

3. One particular inch White Camera Mp3 Good for setting grades for talent, labeling up boxes and equipment 

4. Black sharpie pen Intended for labeling up equipment

5. Velcro Cable Ties Work with these for your own personal cables. These will keep your entire cables recently made and easily familiar. You can reuse them over and over.

six. Lens Cloth Essential for keeping your lens clean. Keep this helpful at all times and may make use of it for anything otherwise.

7. Clear Foundation Natural powder When the budget does not stretch to a specialist Make-up artist, transparent powder is the life saver making sure your contributors / expertise don’t look shiny. Creation will love you for it!

8. Mini Clapper board To sync audio, specially when you are working with a HDSLR camera and recording sound independently.

9. Varying BNC power supplys These will continually get you out of trouble.

Why should an opérateur also carry a see-thorugh pencil case, a showering cap and a couple of tights?!

Go to How to Become a Cameraman website (link below) to determine what else you should carry in your RUN BAG.