Car Navigation Systems

Have got your own built-in maps in your navigator

As you may all know very well, the majority of the navigation devices have come with set maps. These maps in Car Navigation Systems are actually loaded within the device during its development itself. But sometimes those built/in maps may well not fulfil your entire navigational requirements. In such cases what will you need to do? You don’t have to go for a new one instead. Just do one thing, choose your own maps in your navigational device as you enjoy. The ways of making maps because of your self is given in this article as a step by step process. layered navigation magento 2

Step – 1

First of all it is essential to download the GPS Monitor Maker software. It is just a free program and you will easily get it from GPS Trail Maker website. 

Step – 2

You have to open the map image and launch the program of Track Maker. Select “Insert Map Image” from “Tools” menu. At this point you have top choose the image to be modified.

Step – 3

We have a button called “Map Modify Tool” that is employed for necessary modifications. After completing all the modifications you have to save it by repeating the instructions for latitude and long,. You need to choose the GPS NAVIGATION Track Maker with the extension “gem”.

Step – 4

It can be impossible to import map data from the Digital Chart of World Site. Here you have to choose the name of the country required. Then click “Download Data”. Furthermore you have to select layers as draining or roads. Click “Continue” data. Press “Compute Data” and you have to await for the files.

Stage – 5

After adding map from GPS Keep track of Maker program, you have to choose “Merge File” from “File” menu. Then simply select the layer which you downloaded just before. Repeat the same process for each layer.

Step – 6

At this level you might delete unnecessary paths and save the data file.

Step – 7

Today it is the right moment to transfer you the map to your navigational device. You can download paths and way points with the support of GPS DEVICE Interface tool. You can catch it on the primary menu of GPS device.

Thus you may easily make your maps by own to make all of your travel safe and secure.