Choosing A Brand New Citroen

Motorists buying new car, whether or not they are in the armed services or civvy street, should certainly give the latest Citroen range a close look. Once better known for their sometimes ground-breaking and progressive engineering alternatives and designs, their vehicles are becoming more acceptable to a wider public in recent years. Citroen talk about vehicle platforms with Peugeot, so under your skin of the vehicle the engine, suspension, etc. are the same for similar model sizes, but also in a go back to their historic root base, Citroen are once again producing quirky designs with French flair that are finding them a new generation of motoring enthusiasts. more information

Their base model is the Citroen C1 that was first introduced in 2005 and comes with a 998cc engine. That is available as a 3-door or 5-door compact and as well as a Peugeot version of this car, a joint venture with Toyota also sees a version on this called the Aygo. 2 weeks. lot of car, because of not a lot of money, with top class gas efficiency. 

Next up is the C3, a super minuscule that comes with a range of petrol or diesel search engines, including a 1. 6VTi petrol motor that’s nicked from the Mini. Simply available as a five-door hatchback, the petrol machines return over 40mpg, while the diesels average away at an impressive 65mpg. If you are structured in the UK, is actually good to know that the CO2 emissions on the diesels take street tax down to the? 30-a-year bracket.

If you have a family, the C3 Picasso might suit you. Excellent similar range of engines as the standard C3. As an MPV, you won’t find far better in the Picasso’s cost range.

The next step up is to the C4, first introduced in 2004 and like the sibling C3, will come in standard and Picasso variants. The C4’s styling was modified in 2011 to make it appeal to a wider audience as the original model had some design features that proceeded to go back to the peculiar history of Citroen. The C4 competes in the same price range as the Ford Focus, but if you’re buying a car that’s going to stand out from the group, the C4 might suit you very well.

The C4 Picasso (five-seat) and C4 Grand Picasso (seven-seat) were introduced in the year of 2007 with the Grand Picasso being the European Car of the Year. To get people with large people, the Grand Picasso could be ideal, not merely for the seating, but for its ability to provide many storage in wallets and bins. The rear end air-con should keep children happy on longer trips.

The Citroen Belingo is also depending on the C4. Often denigrated as a ‘van with windows’, it is nonetheless, a functional solution for the driving a car force looking for space and economy.

The HANDSET certainly good-looking family cabaret with a neat room. For individuals who want it, an estate version, the Tourer, is available. A range of traditional steel spring suspension or the famous Citroen Hydractive suspension can be made, numerous reviewers recommending the Hydractive for its ‘Lexis ride quality’. The HANDSET is directed at people who would traditionally have chosen a German car, such as a BMW or VW as their car of choice. Citroen are trying to emulate In german engineering with the HANDSET good results. French sparkle.