Choosing an SEO Company or Consultant – Part II

A bit of research in Google for “SEO Firms in Vancouver” turns up 1000s of results. How do you know who may be a legitimate expert in your area who are able to help your business? How will you know if they are really local, and really know what they are doing? Vancouver SEO

In a totally unregulated industry with no recognized certifications or professional association to determine who are able to call themselves an “SEO Expert”, business owners are on their own to do their own looking into and research to determine who really can deliver results for their business. 

It is critical to know that while there are recognized industry certifications for web stats and pay-per-click management, Now i am not aware of any documentation proposed by an proven body or association in neuro-scientific SEO. Be skeptical of anyone that says to be certified in SEO, particularly if they assert to be “Google Certified” in anything other than AdWords or Analytics. Yahoo would not offer any recognition for SEO.

Here are a few tips to get a legitimate and honest SEO Professional:

one particular. Ask about the value of the Meta-Keyword tag. In the event the don’t admit really not employed by any of the major search machines, and hasn’t been for a long time, move on. Who cares about you if it’s employed by “many smaller engines” no-body uses or have ever read of.

2. Ask about the dissimilarities in search engine optimization tactics between Google, Msn and Yahoo. The answer should be ‘none’. Ask and Yahoo are driven by the same protocol and the google search are similar. As a general secret, if your website is optimized for Google it is also optimized for Bing, with no other action needed.

3. Inquire about the value of XML Sitemaps. If they tell you they aren’t needed because Google will find your pages independently, move on. Yes, in time Yahoo may find almost all of your content, however own Marketer Guidelines document recommends submitter an XML Sitemap document to help them index chart your website. My advice is to follow along with whatever Yahoo recommends! Without updating and re-submitting a sitemap it can take weeks, several weeks or longer for search engines like google to locate new content and pages.

Google Claims in their Webmaster Rules: Google uses your Sitemap to learn about the structure of your site and increase our coverage of your webpages.
4. Finally, ask to see sites they have effectively optimized, and request customer testimonials. Try your own searches and see if the sites they have optimized really are on the first page so that you would consider relevant search words.

The bottom-line is that there are many great and honest SEO Sales staff around, and by requesting questions and looking at their work it should be quickly obviously who doesn’t fall into the kind.