Christmas Video Game Releases 2010

Even though a sizable number of video games get released to overlap with the Christmas spending spree there are a few games which constantly perform well in the Christmas charts and make up our favourite inventory fillers. These are generally most often the latest releases as part of a well established number of games as most new game principles get released away from Xmas rush, giving them an opportunity to build momentum organically. Allow me to share my predictions for the very best selling games for Xmas 2010. critical ops hack

Call of Obligation Black Ops (Release day: 9th November 2010)

The most recent in the long operating number of Call of Responsibility Games is widely awaited to storm to the top of the Xmas games charts depending on heavy pre-orders and an influx of publicity surrounding the release with games stores starting their doors at night to COD fans who couldn’t wait until early morning to get their hands on the new dark ops game. 

Guitar Leading man Warriors of Rock (Release date: 24th September 2010)

One of the first releases of the 12 months for the Christmas market the 6th installment of the Guitar Hero series entitled Warriors of Ordinary has be hailed by critics as a ‘return to form’ for your guitar Hero brand which has struggled in recent years from a decline in the rhythm game genre after initial excitement around the new format proposed by early releases of the overall game. This one has a great soundtrack and an improved ‘career’ mode which is supposed to appeal to hardcore fans of the Guitar Hero games.

TIMORE 11 (Release date: initial October 2010)

The gross annual release of the TIMORE soccer game is often a good seller with the extra publicity and interest made in the global market for soccer games this season caused by the sports World cup in T. africa this is expected to become a strong competitor for a highly regarded 5 slot machine on the Christmas game titles charts. FIFA 2011 is available on the Manufacturers Wii, XBox 360 and PlayStation 2 and 3 consoles.

Assassins Creed 3: Brotherhood (Release date: sixteenth November 2010)

Assassins Creed has been one of the most popular third person action/ adventure video games of recent years anticipated in part to the availability on window’s Computers as well as Xbox 360 system 360 and PlayStation games consoles. The new Assassins Creed titled ‘Brotherhood’ introduced a new multiplayer mode for 2-8 players which is supposed to open the game up further to a more everyday game play audience.