Cork Floors for the Kitchen and Basement

Periodically the main rooms in a home aren’t what we usually think they are. Sleeping rooms are living rooms are what most people think are the most important, however for some, the kitchen and the basement provide more comfort when designed the right way.

The kitchen is a place where culinary creative imagination is increased. For some, it is also an area isolation, especially in the early morning with a cup of coffee and reading a period of time newspaper. flooring companies Dublin

The basement, although commonly used as storage areas, can even be turned into places for creativity, rest, and recreation. Some individuals have artistically converted their basements into extra bedrooms, or a play area for children. 

If you consider your kitchen and basement to make a difference rooms in your home, then installing cork floors can grow their beauty. Below are a few reasons why.

Cork Floors for the Kitchen

Kitchen floor coverings is one of the most used areas in many homes, especially those with complete families. Kitchen areas are often considered as high traffic areas, even more when there are guests in the house. This is probably why many owners think two times about installing these in their kitchen. The reason is, there is a common misconception about them mainly because with their softness.

Many people assume that these floors aren’t durable enough to handle a high traffic area. On the other hand, they are just the opposite. Even though natural is softer than other flooring materials, that general shortage in durability.

They’ve recently been proven time and again to have longevity. In fact, some manufacturers produce specially treated products to boost the strength of these floor tiles. Many high traffic areas like complexes, offices, and churches use specially treated these flooring since its components not only durable, but also raise the beauty of the area.

Various modern homes use natural tiles for the kitchen flooring. The wide selection designs available make it much easier to match the floor routine which has the overall theme of the kitchen. Perhaps the kitchen has a modern or modern day design, there will would be the a cork tile design that will match perfectly.

Natural Floors for the Downstairs room

One of the reasons why homeowners are reluctant to use cork ceramic tiles as basement floors are because of these areas are prone to wetness. This is unquestionably true as moisture can seep from a concrete floor and wreck havoc on natural tiles. However, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

Homes that use these flooring or hardwood for their basements use the suspended floor design. This is when plywood will be installed over the tangible floor and a wetness barrier is added. Natural floors with a click together design are then installed over the hdf.

It’s important to be aware that these floors expand and contract depending on temperature and humidity in a room. This really is a normal happening for cork and wood floors. When cork floor tiles are being used for basements flooring, small gaps are provided along the attributes of the wall allowing the tiles to broaden and contract naturally.