Fhotoroom Better Option Than Instagram for Windows Phone Users

Glass windows Phones are designed to offer great photography, as the camera settings are amazing. It is better still than what the i phone provides. A user has a choice to select improved lenses while shooting and other such camera programs including white balance and INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FÜR STANDARDISIERUNG for boosting shooting experience. However, if you are told that as a Windows Phone user you have an improved option than Instagram for better pictures and lots of filtration effects then you might be surprised. There is an software called Fhotoroom that is suitable for you if you are by using a Windows Phone. I want to find out details about this software and understand how it is advisable than other existing photography apps. Instagram Likes

How to begin?

Initial phase of installation of Fhotoroom requires permissions that will allow to locate your cellphone, tap ‘yes’ to continue further. The iphone app would require 9 MB of storage space to take a seat on your Smartphone. Now the next thing that you require is an consideration with the software before installation. You can use your Facebook ID for creating account or store from scratch including your picture. 

Graphical user interface (UI)

The welcome screen contains deals with that act like Twitter. When ever you tap these you will be directed to the page of an user where you will find Instagram-like collection of pictures. You will probably have the option of following an user who is already there on Fhotoroom. One particular more interesting thing to look at is the cabability to switch between three options including Interesting, Popular, and up to date when you start following people. The camera button is located in the bottom of the iphone app designed for shooting.


The hassle-free part of using this iphone app is the blue shutter button that helps you capture picture. As soon as you tap the button located at the bottom of the screen, picture will be captured. If you want to access options then tap the items icon that will disclose Point EV that helps in setting exposure, contribution, timer, Scenic view, Macro and Portrait settings. The front and back keys will help in choosing different angles for capturing; similarly, flash settings too will enhance your pictures. Fhotoroom offers you Zoom lens iphone app named Fhotolens which is available for $1. 49. This gives the option of shooting with Fisheye and gives you the HDR mode. Simply hold the camera tightly to make it work perfectly, every amount of shaking will ruin the effect.


Fhotoroom offers you options like Support frames, Styles and Editing for boosting your pictures. Different tools include contrast, illumination, vibrancy sliders, sharpening and clarity. You can choose to make changes by setting b/w points, which helps in creating color balance within a picture containing bright and darker areas.