Free Vs Pay Monthly Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

As being a provider of several different ecommerce shopping cart websites to clients all over the world, there is one particular question that I get asked time and again: “Should I use a free ecommerce shopping wagon or a hosted solution? “. My reply is always the same: “It will rely on your specific requirements”. magento abandoned cart extension

I have always said that nobody internet commerce solution can appeal to every single customers individual requirements. We will all will vary needs, and we will be aiming to achieve different conclusion results. 

My spouse and i wanted to have a look at the good qualities and cons of these two different types of ecommerce options.

What are the differences?

Usually with a free ecommerce shopping cart you will want to do everything yourself. From choosing your website name, to selecting hosting, installing your online business software, designing it and so forth.

With a hosted online business solution provider a lot of the required steps are already looked after for you. You still need to decide on & register your domain name name, but hosting is taken care of by the ecommerce company that you select.

Hopefully taking a look at the advantages and cons of each will help you to choose best suits what you are looking for.

Free Ecommerce Shopping Wagon

With a free system you will first need to decide on program you want to use. Zen Wagon and OS commerce are popular but are getting old and having less supported. Magento, Presta shop and X cart are the choice of the professionals, but they have a steeper learning contour.


It’s free! – You can’t get any cheaper than getting something at no cost ay?
No tie-ins – There are no commitments with free online business solutions. If one particular platform is no much longer working for you, you usually can just start again on another internet commerce platform.
You could have full control – The advantage of hosting and running your own ecommerce store is the fact you will have full control over all aspects of your store so cn be somewhat way more functional. Some people may find a hosted solution quite restrictive.

Little to no direct support – You are usually all on your own support wise when it comes to free e-commerce solutions. So if something goes wrong, you’ll need to either seek advice from community forums for the answer yourself, or outsource and work with a developer to fix things for you.
Really harder to install a new theme – Depending on the ecommerce solution you decide on, installing a new theme can be a complicated process. You can usually need to access your websites core files and upload your new theme using FTP (File Copy Protocol) software such as file zilla.
Updates – You can expect to usually be on your own when it comes to ensuring your shopping cart application is up to date. A few updates for the software you are employing could include important security patches or bug fixes.
Security – How secure your website is from hackers will rest along and you alone.