Getting Started With Your New Printer

For those who have recently bought yourself a new printer, follow the directions in the manual for establishing cables. Place the installation CD into the CD drive and follow the set up instructions.

If you work with Windows 95/98, select Start Menu, then select Printers. Now choose Add Printer, select Localized Printer. Choose your inkjet printer (If your printer is not listed, choose the one closest to your own and select OK).

Xerox printer drivers 

Pertaining to the Mac, select go to server, (or chooser) and then select inkjet printer. Then choose your computer printer. (If your printer is not listed, then find the closest one. ) In that case select install.
If you are using Or house windows 7, then the PERSONAL COMPUTER will prompt you for the drivers and mount the relevant one from the CD itself (if the appropriate driver is not in the data source already).

If you have any problems printing, first check your internet links. If you get repeated error messages, then reboot your computer your personal computer and redo the steps above.
If you would like to advance the driving force of your currently installed published, then follow the steps given in the next sub-topic.

Installing Printer Motorists

A printer driver is a piece of software that permits the computer to communicate with the inkjet printer. Without this software, the printer would be hopelessly lost since that speak the same language! Computer printer manufacturers often update the drivers and these they can be easily downloaded make up the company’s website for free. This can be a good idea to keep the on your printer driver version and upgrade whether it is too far out of time.
Here is how you can examine your print driver version number:
Windows XP

one particular. Click on the House windows Start button, choose Control Panel, and then choose ‘Printers and Faxes. ‘

2. Right-click your standard printer and choose Real estate. (Your default printer will have a checkmark in a black circle above the printer icon. )

3. Click on the General tab, click on the ‘Print Test Page’ button, and then click OK to print the test web page.
Windows 95/9