Google Play Brings Movies, Books, Music and Games Together – True Competitor for Apple’s App Store?

It would appear that in ways similar to the Energizer bunny, Yahoo just keeps going and going. After premiering Yahoo Music and eBooks only last year, on Mar 6, the mega search results announced that it would be housing its catalogs, movies, music and video games all in one “play place”. It’s called Yahoo Play. lu la roe google play app

As a way to draw even more competition to companies like Apple and its many popular attractions, aside from the convenience that heading to one site for several things will provide, Google Play has the own other perks as well. If you were accustomed to purchasing various games and programs through the Android Market, you can now buy over 450, 000 of which at Google Play. A great way to share some of your chosen songs, thanks a lot to Google Play, you are now able to download 20, 000 of them for free (there is a catalog of over eight million tracks available for purchase as well). If books are what you’re after, Yahoo Play current has over four million that you can choose from then when it comes to movie selections, although it does cost around four dollars to rent the film for a day, the good thing is that Google Play will allow you to watch it from almost any device (so yes, your laptop but also your smartphone).

In the work of soon being considered the location to go for media services, some technology critics that contain already analyzed out the site (that will be loading new features over the next several days) to see if it can back again up its hype. You will discover already several reports that if they keep expanding and expanding, especially in their books and videos divisions, they may actually wrap up coming out on top. The Books section of Google Play not only allows you to download a book, leave out of the software and later return right to where you kept off, it also gives you the capability to read off line. Google Videos does not yet have provide the option so that you can stop the film after seeing it on your computer or phone, nevertheless the loading appears to be very clear meanwhile and if enough people bring this issue to their attention, 2 weeks. pretty safe assumption that it may be fixed.

Aside from these multimedia services, there are also promotions that Google Take up will be running over the course of the next several days. One particular is called, “Play The Favorites” where there are tons of programs and games available for as low as $0. forty nine. Another is called, “7 Times of Play” where you will be able to get various catalogs, movies and music (in the United States only) for $0. 25. Presently there will become hip-hop, mountain and country titles that you can download for $3. 99 and some of the editorial team will be announcing some of their favorite films for $0. 99 and software for $0. forty-nine cents as well.

If you’re a fan of Google’s technological advances are not, you’ve got to admit they are doing enough to at least top your interest. It’s a winning guess that they’re thinking that if they just get you to look, before long, you will be hooked. Problem still remains though: Is Yahoo Play a true opponent for Apple’s App Retail store?