How to Use Electronic Head Lice Combs

Headlice combs can be effective at treatment when it comes to getting reduce lice. It is a fact that a louse infestation can be very uncomfortable and annoying for someone, as well as for all of those other people in the household. But thanks a lot to technology, electronic headlice combs were invented to make the process of eliminating lice and nits easier. This comb is usually made of steel and requires a sole battery to operate. The electronic digital head lice combs were first introduced commercially in 1991. Beard Care

Electric combs actually electrocute the lice using a little electrical current. Tooth of these combs are made of metal, and the electrical current actually assists in drawing the lice to where they will be electrocuted immediately. Electronic combs are utilized in the same way that you use common nits combs. One of the advantages is that electric lice combs emit a high-pitched sound when they face a louse. The moment a louse is recognized, the comb will then release tiny currents that will draw the parasite in and kill it. 

Unlike normal plastic or metal combs, electronic brain lice combs must be used on dry curly hair in order to operate properly. Just like all other types of combs, the hair may easily become complicated when using electronic mind lice combs. So, it is highly recommended to split the hair into parts and comb each section to avoid getting troubles, particularly for many who have solid, long or curly curly hair.

Although electronic head louse combs can definitely be useful in killing brain lice, they are really still not the perfect solution. That they cannot eliminate the ovum, or nits, which are laid by the louse on the hair canal one quarter inch to one half inch above the scalp. The nits should be removed before hatching, using other methods, which may occur after an about a week. Electronic head louse combs will surely be useful and effective, when it comes to eliminating louse, and are safe as well. Aside from an electronic comb, there are other alternative treatments which you can use for eliminating lice. Also you can choose to use regular plastic or metal louse combs. Also, you may use essential oils, mayo, vinegar and butter to eliminate lice and nits.

When treating a louse infestation, make sure you disinfect the private stuff of the person infested. Bed linings, clothing, stuffed teddies and hats should all be laundered in hot water and dried on a hot setting to kill the pests. Combs, and other hair accessories, should be boiled or soaked in alcohol. In addition ,, furniture, floor coverings and curtains should also be vacuumed to ensure that no lice and nits remain alive.

Should you be not aware of any of these treatments, you should check with with your medical professional or hair specialist to learn more. Also, do some research on the internet to get more knowledge on headlice combs. You can ask your doctor for advice on which treatment ideal you, or the person infected, so to avoid an allergic attack or other complications.