Integrating Social Media Into Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Social websites is exploding.

Everyone has a Twitter profile, a LinkedIn profile or a Facebook or myspace page and other great tales. This is fantastic and organisations are starting to follow suit.

The transparency and genuine credibility that comes through when you use these multimedia works wonders with how people perceive you. Best Email Marketing Campaign

As a result, how can you incorporate your social media into your email marketing promotions?

Here are 5 simple techniques for finding you started: 

1) Include social media links in your email promotions.
Your subscribers can then easily and quickly reveal your email. Use tools like Tweet this, Get this, post to Fb, etc. If you want to be very smart, link online versions of each article in your email campaign. This will give you a better knowledge of who’s sharing what and gets people on to your website.

Pros: Quickly share your email with a larger network than your subscriber database exclusively.

Cons: Writing valuable content for your email does indeed take more time and energy but the benefits far outweigh the time.

Don’t forget: This means you will need to write valuable and interesting content constantly to get your subscribers writing.

2) Do the same on your website.
Retain it quick and easy for folks to share your articles using standard, easy to determine images and text established links. In addition, place online versions of your email promotions onto your website as well.

This kind of increases the valuable content contribution on your website without actually writing some thing. (In addition, adding fresh content on your website will have benefits for your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as well, bonus! )

Pros: Showing your content with everyone who visits your website increases your chances of return visits. You’re also positioning yourself as an industry leader and this will in the end aid your sales funnel

Cons: This kind of could take longer to implement if you may have a content management system (CMS) for your website and need to send content to your web master to publish. Just plan ahead and you’ll be fine.

Avoid forget: Include a ‘subscribe to the newsletter’ website link to every page of your website to increase your subscriber database.

3) Watch what gets distributed (and what doesn’t).
Make use of your reports. Most Mail marketing reporting systems are create to provide valuable data on your customer database such as what link a subscriber clicks, when and even how often times (if this is a top number, this can indicate sharing through an email forward).