Kitchen Exhaust Vent Cleaning

Home exhaust cleaning is indeed a necessary part of maintenance for restaurants around the country. Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a term talking about the process of getting rid of grease build-up from the exhaust fan, duct, and vent hood. NFPA ninety six sets specific standards for cleaning and maintenance, but also gives the kitchen exhaust cleaning company a standard for cleaning which is known as cleaning down to “bare metal”. Kitchen exhaust vent cleaning involves the use of different equipment and skills to accomplish the cleaning. In addition, lack of proper repair of port hoods, exhaust ducts, and fans can cause quick and hot burning fire that can cause costly damage. kitchen exhaust system

NFPA 96 says schedules for grease build-up inspections, that can be quarterly for high volume restaurants to semi-annually for medium amount cooking restaurants. The restaurant owner should schedule cleaning as such to prevent fire hazards and costly damage. The NFPA ninety six also gives cooking equipment safety requirements, fire reductions system types, and cover types. Inside the declaration I wrote earlier about cleaning down to “bare metal” I would like to make clear the term a little more in depth. And so the term cleaning down to “bare metal” means that the oil must be removed down to a specific density when cleaned to reduce the chance of the grease igniting leading to fireplace. The kitchen exhaust cleaning company will use specific grade degreasers for the job. For instance, when cleaning a Chinese restaurant a vent hood cleaning company most often uses a higher grade degreaser which would be much more potent in power. For these kind of restaurants kitchen exhaust cleaning prices will run more than other restaurants that avoid using oils of that nature.

Kitchen wear out cleaning companies uses specific tools and equipment to achieve the desired cleaning. For example, the company uses a pressure cleaner to wash off the chemical substance and grease the system has accumulated within the non-cleaning period. Tools like scrapers and drills may help with grease and exhaust enthusiast removal. Furthermore, the tech will examine the wear out fan to see if it own the appropriate and required elements. These types of elements include, hinge products, for easy exhaust duct examine and grease drop pans which catch the grease that drains from the exhaust fan. This helps because grease will not drip onto the roofing and cause damage. In the event these are not in position the technician should file the condition and send it certified mail to the customer.