Magento programmeur:

In this blog article i’ll tell you all about Magento and about the best magento builder in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands they call it Magento programmeur, so that is the reason for this blog article title. If you have any questions about Magento you always can contact me. I’ll tell you about what Magento is, where i made my webshops and about my success.


So first of all Magento is a platform were you can create a professional webshop. I will highly recommend Magento if you have a webshop. First of al i was searching for a company that could make me webshop in Magento. I was searching on the internet on Magento programmeur and then i found JDezign, its a Dutch company that creates really professional webdesign. I would highly recommend building a webshop by them.


So i as i already told you guys, i was starting a webshop during my own work. I was in loan and i made a good salary but i wanted to start something for myself. For that reason i decided to make a own webshop. What started as a hobby went so good that i could quit my own job. So i quit my own job and focus me on the webshops. Nowadays i have around the 15 webshops that make such a passive income that i don’t work anymore. I have a marketing team and they do everything to increase sells. The only thing i have to do is watch buy and gain money.


Remember this didn’t came from nothing. I have put all my effort and money in the beginning. I was making around 60 hours a week and i worked 7 days a week. A webshop needs money, time and a good idea in the begin. When you have that you will increase sells and after a long period your able to do the same as me. Don’t think it will fall from the sky and that you don’t have to do anything.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog article and if you have any questions about Magento you always can contact me. Feel free to contact me or JDezign, they will tell you everthing about what is good and what can be done better. Thanks for reading and if you want the Dutch version of this blog article feel free to contact us!