Mobile Detailing and Radio Stations Public Service Announcements

A radio station is sometimes free and as a mobile detailer you may use this to help you in your business promotions. If you make use of a non-profit group in a fundraiser or event you can often get your companies name stated along with the non-profit group and event. R / c excellent advertising, but when it is employed to promote a cause you earn twice when you are involved. You could have the pleasure with employed in the community on a project for the common good and then you receive additional business too. Public Support Announcements or PSA’s are not the only way stereo can help your mobile detailing business. That they can also help by Radio Station Give Aways. auto detailing that comes to you chula vista

The law requires r / c stations to play “Public Service Announcements” over the air. Usually they are things like: 

“The Is Club of Hollywood has a BBQ and main market square dance to support the ‘Save A Tree Program’ on Saturday, June initial from 12: 30-2: 00pm at the Hollywood Dish and everybody is invited”.

It’s your basic who, what, when, where, why and how much stopper. Well, how about:

“Wells Fargo Bank is having a great opening of their new office at 2100 Main Street in Walnut Creek. Free drinks and hot dogs sold by the Boy Scouts. Bring your car because the World’s Best Automobile Detailer will be there, Joe’s Mobile Detail and Car Wash, will be washing cars for only $5. All proceeds goes to the local Battered Women’s Club of Enemistad Costa County. All day event. Accept the kids and they can ride the clean Wells Fargo level coach. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-JOE-TRUE. ”

This advertising may play three times a day for weekly absolutely free. Everyone who comes that day, Bore holes Fargo employees, Boy Hunt parents and the nearby mall merchants are your new customers. Radio channels give away’s are wonderful:

“The fifth caller will receive free car flushes at their office for all your employees, compliments of Joe’s Mobile Detail and Car Wash at 1-800-JOE-TRUE. Find what true service is all about. inch

Do this for five days to see how many new customers you get. It’s astounding. In fact, it’s so astounding that people usually don’t do it ever again because we get too much business. If you wash r / c stations station’s vans, president’s car and employee’s autos, they may run one-two free spots per day of 30 seconds.

“Hey, you know Joe and his detailers and car washing machines did a great job on my car for only $5. They’ll come to your home or office for only $5. $10 for a deluxe wash and vacuum. If perhaps you don’t believe myself, call them yourself 1-800-JOE-TRUE. Boy do those fellas have great tans. In the event only I got to work outside. ”

G. J. spots are more identifiable to the fan base, a free testimonial. Let’s imagine there are seven employees, two sales people, one president and two train station vans. On any given day you will have eight people working and one place van. Nine Cars Present X $5. 00 Selling price Per Car = $45. 00 Revenue From Car Flushes.