Movie Stars: Which Garmin GPS Would They Choose for Their Cars?

Perhaps you have ever been curious and would like to think about, like most people, what are movie stars appreciate and what types of products including the Garmin nuvi GPS would they would buy and use for their cars? Without actually going into their vehicles, which would be against the law, if it’s parked in a fancy restaurant in Beverly Hills for example we can only guess what car GPS the movie stars would choose for their SUVs or cars.

Let’s glance at the Global Positioning System these two fictional Hollywood stars would decide for their automobiles. Let’s pretend that one of the movie star’s name is Vanessa, a lovely married woman with twin babies and is in many dramatic roles on television set along with the movies. Although, Marianne is a young single women who adores flashy clothes and plenty of night time partying. Every of these women, even though are both making a surviving in Movie, have different values as well as different needs. moviestarplanet hack

Although both Vanessa and Marianne are high-profile celebrities it seems that their tastes vary tremendously. Intended for example, Vanessa and her husband Ron love children, have two of their own children and will shortly be adopting children from Africa, as well as being very effective and support many environmental causes and organizations. 

While, Marianne appears to be more extravagant in her tastes with her attire and jewellery, and is not involved currently in any political or individuals rights causes.

With Vanessa and her Hollywood developer husband Ron they seem to be genuinely concerned about their ecological footprint that their lives have after this planet. That’s why Ron enjoys driving an AS BMW HYBRID Hydrogen 7 and his wife drives a Toyota Prius. This extremely expensive THE BMW model takes the cross technology another advance by using hydrogen as is actually fuel. Ron takes pride in the fact that this car can drastically reduce the emissions of CO2 as compared to the traditional gas burning cars.

In fact, with of these male stars I possibly could picture them using the most notable of the line GPS by Garmin: the Garmin n? vi 3790LMT or the Garmin n? vi 3790T. The sole difference between these systems is that the 3790LMT offers the life span downloads with lifetime maps and traffic, whereas the 3790T just offers the lifetime traffic feature.

Once they are driving by Sundown Boulevard in Hollywood We can picture these actors enjoying certain features that the Garmin 3790 series offers: a very clear 4. 3-Inch screen with a 800 x 480 pixel resolution (instead of small screens that are so hard to see when driving), Bluetooth functions so they can evidently hear the conversations with the agents through the Garmin speakers, and another fantastic feature is that it has a Voice Command word.

With the latter feature they can enter the many important destinations that they or their drivers must travel as they make their many puts a stop to in the expensive Beverly Hills stores and shops. Marianne would be purchasing the more eccentric clothes for her next ordinary concert, whereas Vanessa would be contacting people who does help her with their many non-profit charities and fund-raising events.

At times, with so many paparazzi all around their vehicles they would definitely need to have the hands free phone function. In this way they can safely go to their many locations without having to take over or take their hands off the settings.

I would imagine, to personalize her Garmin 3790LMT, Marianne who wants to stand out from the crowd and be very different, would want to embellish this GPS which is mounted on her dashboard with colorful rhinestones or jewelry; whereas We could picture Vanessa, who likes simplicity in her life, would be very happy with this Garmin nuvi in it’s natural state from the maker.