Non Duality

The sage philosopher, Alan W, in his book ‘ the joyous cosmology ‘
states ‘ consciousness colleagues out from a centre which it cannot see –
and that is the root of the situation ‘. non dual teachers

What have always been I to make of that, I thought. To start with I wondered, who
or what is it that wants to make sense of it? If my true self is the ‘ I ‘
mind that Watts refers to, i then could only determine which a
false sense of self, lets call it ‘ me ‘, is the answer! Our terminology is
inherently dualistic, not only breaking up the earth into numberless
pieces, (failing to see the connection between things) but also having the
same effect on ones growing consciousness and awareness, from
cradle to grave. This kind of ‘ I ‘ mind or witness or seer looked
only to make sense within a not dual vision of the world. Putting it
simply, where all is linked to over all oneness.

Western cultures, civilisations have evolved in a dualistic way and
though we can see limited benefits in this, our record is a long
passageway of fragmentation and resulting destruction. Given long
enough, all our endeavours switch to ashes. The east has its history
of non dual perspectives and sees the material world/universe as real
but only real as an optical illusion. (Maya. ) And in several traditions offers
surge to this ‘ My spouse and i ‘ consciousness. Personally ( I ) have real empathy for
this ‘ I ‘ consciousness, this seer, that peers away from each one of us.
It truly is real to me as ‘ true identity ‘ independent of all thoughts and the
workings of the brain. Indeed I have an experiential certainty that
this ‘ I ‘ is indistinguishable from the reason spirit coming from all. Which,
of course, includes the head and all mental process. Thus what
I think I am is and always has been, the workings of my brain, but
what I really am is, the reason spirit, the ‘ We ‘ that peers out from my
centre, indeed, the cause of the universe and the cause of my untrue
personal – when I realize my true self. Indoors myself I am aware of a vast,
dark emptiness, which I intuit and feel is too full to be express. It is
a neurological expression of infinite keen mystery to me and the altar
of true spirituality and true beliefs. This emptiness is mindful and
inescapably my personality and yes, Alan M is correct- I are unable to
give attention to what I really am, searching, because We are engrossed with
what I am doing, concomitantly with non permanent amnesia too. That which
I call ‘ me ‘ is definitely a coil of memories, which is the past and
which forms ego that just like a spinning vortex, will decelerate and expire.

And so what is ‘it ‘ that wonders what it is, confronted with this ‘ I ‘
intelligence in each one of us, linked and no dual? The
answer surely is ‘ nothing ‘? And into this angry, mad world of our bait
we stand back and find it all as a crazy game. – Simply one ‘ I ‘ –
the self of the world, looking through all of us and creating all and
no doubt, as Watts would say, ‘ using a ball ‘. Why does Our god make
horrible people, asked the children of W? Remember, said
Watts, Our god (The one non duality) is merely hurting himself for there
is nothing exterior him. Helpful to indoctrinated children, perhaps
but to adults who have furnished with the objective ‘ He ‘ God –
how do we come to die to our ‘untrue selves’? Perhaps their something
to do with the two words ‘ true love ‘. Simply by true we would indicate no track
of the old self. The ‘ I ‘ would not have true love as an attribute – it is
true love. Whether we want it or not our ‘ I ‘ awareness means
non duality- the non dual vision of life. Even the marvel teacher
Jesus knew this when he said ‘take up your cross (gibbet) to follow
me. All of us must die to our unreal self to understanding our true self.
It is quite a discovery to realise once we awaken to this vast truth
of what we really are, and just how we shrunk themselves to try out and
pour away this cosmic dance of joy and pain, good and bad, light
and dark as if we were over a sabbatical from blissful eternity?