Pineapple Express Movie Review

Blueberry Express is certainly an often forgotten movie. I think the condition with this movie is that a lot people will pass this off as your average stoner comedy, which technically it is, but it really is much more than that, and i believe the condition with this movie is that most people didn’t really ‘get it’. watch cartoons online free

Examining the movie, the primary two characters, played out by Seth Rogen and James Franco are stoners, and for nearly all of film production company they are high, but it’s the funny gold what makes this movie so enjoyable to view. The jokes just usually are about stoners, well some are, but there are very a few in there that are classic. 

The movie has a great starting, where some American Basic visits an underground fort where they are testing with some type of super marijuana known as ‘Pineapple Express’. This is quickly deemed illegal, as the General sees the effects it has on the participant smoking it. We could then whisked ahead to todays and presented to Dale, a treatment server, who also wants to spend his days getting high. After he witnesses a murder while smoking the Pineapple Express, this individual or she must go on the run together with his best friend Saul, from the neighborhood gangster. The movie see’s them running through the town looking to break free from the two team trying to chase them down, hired by the local gangster to eliminate them. Film production company is not only a great comedy but appears closely at the camaraderie of the 2 dudes, structured mainly on the real truth that one is the dealer and one is the supplier. The movie comes to an great conclusion, that was amazingly gruesome at points, which was a lttle bit of a shock, as it was not something I was planning on, but none the less I thought the finish was great.

Seth Rogen performs the part of the typical stoner well. I actually think he plays the same sort of figure in the majority of his videos, in particular he told me of the figure he played in Pulled Up in some ways. I like Seth Rogen and think he is great during these type of comedy roles. Consequently overall a solid performance from charlie.

James Francés is also great in the movie. I do think Francés is a tremendous professional, and uses this movie to show that this individual can play a diverse range of characters, he can a great semi-paranoid stoner, and comes across well, uncertain about the long hair though. His persona rang a bell in my memory of either Invoice or Ted from Expenses and Ted’s Excellent Excitement. I do believe it was the way having been chatting throughout the movie. This individual did a great job of playing a stoner.

In some ways it did remind me of Superbad, though it is a completely different movie, you can still tell it switched out made by the same people, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The comedy was great to watch, and the first half of the movie was fantastic, and at times comedy gold, however I think the other 50 percent of the movie was dissatisfied slightly by the extraordinary violence and gore, for whatever reason it fit in with the rest of the movie.