Populated Movies

Above populated countries suffer totally in the infrastructure and the employment sectors, in addition to conditions of the overall monetary maladies. You also have to suffer a daily grind due to overcrowded trains, buses, leisure areas, beaches, restaurants, cinema homes, shopping plazas and even overcrowded homes. Such human population pressure is often resembled in works of artistry. Let’s analyze its impact in movies made in such a country like India it really is a typical circumstance of an overpopulated country. Kasam

Situation one. Three -hour average length of an Indian movie (read Hindi movie). This is credited to the songs and dances that make up to practically a 1 / 4 of the length. You will discover thousands of singers, performers and music directors, and 1000s of aspirants in this line. Who can manage to make this huge chunk of population jobless? So despite this being a popular weakness of American indian movies as far as Oscar nomination is engaged the Indian length is constantly on the bloom. 

Situation two. You and female leads of a movie fall in love. In an Artist movie they will just fix a date and have great fun. However in an Indian movie when romance strikes they instantly will start trotting around within an elaborate tune and dance sequence. Hundreds of dancers will work out as planned out of nowhere and join them in an absolute celebration of life. That can afford to make this huge chunk of dancer-artiste population unemployed? In fact, more and more opportunities should be created for them. Some Indian films are really trying to accomplish that and in such movies you never know when and where song-dance sequences will corner you.

Situation three. The main antagonist wants to eliminate the protagonist or someone related to him or her. In an Artist movie the villain only will take out a gun, stalk the victim and shoot her or him quite. Or he or the lady may depute someone to do the job. However in an Indian movie the villain will move away in a convoy of pricey cars with a bunch of goons armed with an array of swords, daggers, knives, sticks and of course, guns and machine guns. The fodder, one or more, will be attacked in a grandiose sequence of unlimited chase and nobody will even think of shooting a gun lest it kills him or her instantly. Who are able to afford to make this huge piece of junior artiste-cum-aspiring leading man population unemployed? In truth, a growing number of opportunities need to be created for them.

So, population pressure needs a tremendous toll on movie making and Indian films are paying a high price just for this. If not for other basic reasons, population must be manipulated for making excellent films that can stand at the Oscars’.