Quantum Economics – Philosophy of the Economy

The philosophical comparison of sociable developments such as economic system to the particle related quantum mechanics may look incidental or incoherent but conceptionally said the man perception has evolved from assurance and simplicity to concern and complexity too, therefore the perception of rule understanding processes in economic climate philosophically must change too the way it has changed in Physics and Mathematics, because the “uncertainty” of the info for allergens in their “position” and “momentum” goes much far in social sciences where the “uncertainty” of the social-economic developments and procedures as reported by Authorities or private groups are actually more unclear and subjective. The similarity of the “certain” and “simplified” approaches in Physics where particles were taken as measurable and static was well used in Idea and Economics the place that the operations were simplified and used as measurable or at least easily put in systems of evaluation; thus there is not big difference involving the approaches in Physics and Economics in conditions of thought and conventionalizing of simplifying processes and what in science seems irreversible is the frequent conventionalizing complex reality. Additional “uncertainty” must go in the same way and apply to Philosophy and Economics as well. myeconlab

The similarities between science in Physics and Economics moves even beyond the changing perception from simplicity to complexity into the actuality of realization of “unpredictability” and “uncertainty” when the same way when in Physics was realized that a “particle” is in regular change that there isn’t way it might be assessed without error. It’s just due to insufficiency of the human technology but because of multiple and mutually changing realities and even farther because the truth is extremely unpredictable and unknown. Similar to the way in Beliefs and Economics could be easily realized that cultural monetary processes are not static but “unpredictability” and “uncertainty” of ever changing social economical realities are not measurable in any respect therefore to feel that by by using a few record measurements might give all of us a realistic picture of the economical situations is unrealistic and uncertain but even beyond processes in social and monetary constructions are so diverse and changing that they are more like the contaminants in quantum mechanics then to any theoretical answers of the statistic economics or principle of reviews of Philosophical conceptions such as Marx’s or Ruben Lodge’s or whoever’s. The ever changing reality and the uncertainty coming away of it may just be theoretically explained by some theories and philosophical ouvrage require could not provide an enough picture of the ever changing and uncertain social-economic reality by which especially monetary processes have reached the most unpredictable and uncertain. The ideologies of some monetary structures such as Communism or Capitalism, or Socialism which are conventionalized based on philosophical conceptions is much away from explaining the social-economic processes but more likely they may be providing some “security” really diverse and inferior realities; these ideologies performed work somehow in a political world of frosty wars and ideological fights when one was better then the others, but do not operate an open free world where these philosophical conceptions do not find any applications or support.

To evaluate statistically or anyhow an authentic picture of the social-economic processes is doubtful the developed tools and indicators for such measure are inadequate and limited but even they were developed to perfection they still may not be able to measure these procedures because the processes by themselves are uncertain and could not be assessed.

The processes in social-economics could be only given “parameters of expansion or contraction” so they can develop in “certain areas” to “certain extend” and then changed or tweaked, it can be required for a way to disperse acquiring energy so rather than big wave: the ways efforts are accumulated and create big waves is the example of Housing market understanding: which is positive for the economy to the extend of providing additional capital and equity thus expanding individual capitalization and investing but as we saw in the current crisis when this procedure of appreciation expanded over it is positive for our economic system effect such over gratitude had devastating consequences to literally crashing the persisted economical structures; the negative accumulation of energies due to over appreciation wasn’t distributed to the rest of the economy therefore the ripple effect was unavoidable; in case a possible way to reduce such over-appreciation is not by not allowing or even decreasing appreciation as all but by establishing “parameters” which will ring the bells for over-appreciations or even better they are going to automatically induce “prevention valves” to limit the over-appreciation or under-appreciation as well.