Simple Cycling Tips to Make Your Rides Better

Basic techniques for better riding.

Repair nicks and cuts in the top rubber of your road tires with crazy glue. If the cuts aren’t into the casing fabric the stuff will close them up and let you get some good extra miles out of your tires. bicycling tips

Put a $20 bill in your seat bag or under the insole of your shoes for emergencies.

Anytime you need to change tires, Start putting the tire back on contrary the valve stem to lower the chance of pinching a tube. 

Get away the saddle for 15-30 seconds every 10 minutes, even on level ground to use the muscle differently and give you but a break.

Start off to drinking once you start your ride to find the habit of moisturizing set.

Quaker Oatmeal pieces or Oatmeal on the go bars call and make an effective, delightful and cheap energy tavern. Plus they are easy to open and gnaw on the bike.

In a pinch, Vaseline will work as chamois cream. When you are hot and sweaty it will reduce chafing and keep bacteria from gaining your pants. If chaffing does indeed occur, you are able to use Carrier Balm or Udder Cream to reduce pain and speed healing.

If your cycling shoes get rainy, stuff them with newspapers to dry overnight so you can ride next week without gunky feet.

Deliver a compass when you are riding new hiking trails that you don’t know. Getting lost after dark sucks.

For an crisis kickstand, use the Velcro from your gloves to lock on one of you brakes. Now you can lean your motorcycle against anything without it falling over.

For voyages longer than 2 several hours you need to eat and drink to keep going. An excellent rule is drink an entire bottle every hour and eat you. 5 calories per pound you weigh each hour (240 calories for 160 pound rider).

Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug squirt.
If you notice anything at all loose, making noise or not working properly bring it in for a tune-up to be safe.