Simplifying SEO

I’ve been working in the SEO industry for almost 5 years now. To some I am simply a young pup, but I have to say the results we get from your SEO promotions speak for themselves.

At the time you work in this field of SEO you usually tend to network with other SEO professionals and stay tuned with the latest SEO waves or improvements from Google. You also connect to other SEO experts in the message boards and blogs. Local Listings

I want to express my panic about the amount of complexity added to the main topic of SEO. About 80% details on SEO out there may be too deep and complicated, with an awful whole lot of opinions.

Similar to technology or methodology, people are looking for functionality. They want a thing that works, creates an effect or makes a difference. This same idea is applicable to SEO.

Using a technology requires sticking with the basics of that technology. If you sort through the 1000s of available “sources” you usually can locate the real source, which is the information and method one should use when doing exercises how to go about it. This can be the correct way to learn and apply whatever.

I find it amazing how some SEO experts throw their opinions away on their high-powered websites, only to confuse another thousand SEO experts.

This is laughable to watch, and it goes like this:

SEO Expert Later on, needs to get “green carrots” on page you of Google for a client.

He’s working on it for months, storing, social networks, links and so on.

After 2-3 months this individual uses a step back and looks at his traveler and keyword stats. Certainly not much change, he seriously isn’t getting the results fantastic client is starting to wonder.

Suddenly he understands which a cool video on YouTube may boost things up and get’s this produced an online.

This week “green carrots” is on page 1! It can great, it worked and your customer is all happy.

Following staking it slowly laid back and looking at his results, he suddenly knows that he never optimized the content of his page with enough keywords. Oops. He only stated “green carrots” once and still got a site 1 result. This happens him as strange and it seems to break everything he learned about page optimisation in SEO.
What goes on next is interesting. The SEO expert chooses this is valuable information and experience. He has just seen the pursuing new search rule in play, which should be distributed to anyone doing SEO:

“Google is no longer giving any value to keyword density. This kind of plays no part in SEO. ”

He produces a nice 1000 phrase article about it and due to his experience, is extremely certain of his findings. He even makes a jab at Google about no bringing up it to anyone. Today he has kudos for locating this out before someone else.

This is extremely frustrating for everyone who wants to learn the subject of SEO or even old school SEO professionals. And is also for this reason short-sightedness that the net is filled with millions of pages about SEO which would much better found in the trash.

Now may get me wrong, I actually is not talking about the various very useful articles, digests and tutorials away there which can greatly assist an SEO expert to get his job done faster. I have always been talking about those people who create their own interpretations of precisely what is an extremely exact and logical technology – SEO.

Adding confusion to the subject

Excellent real example of this. A week ago I read and article from a “leading SEO source”, Seomoz. In their article The Basics of Search Engine Friendly Style and Development, they point out loud and bold that:

“Keyword density is, without question, Not only a part of modern web website positioning codes for the simple reason that it provides significantly worse results than many other, heightened methods of keyword analysis. inches

Quite a statement! Who’s your source? They referenced Doctor Edel Garcia’s seminal work with the topic – The Keyword Density of Non-Sense. In case you go through this source’s article, Dr. Edel Garcia attempts to break down the mathematical picture of keyword density increasing search results and in the ends supposedly shows it could not be true.

The final assertion in Seomoz’s comment on keyword density is entertaining.

“Dr. Garcia’s background in information retrieval and his mathematical proofs should debunk any notion that key phrase density may be used to help “optimize” a page for better ranks. However, a similar doc illustrates the unfortunate fact about keyword optimization – without access to a worldwide index of web pages (to calculate term weight) and a rep corpus of the Internet’s collected documents (to help build a semantic library), we have little chance to produce formulas that would be helpful for true optimization. “