Sleep Well With Natural Salt Lamps

Healthy salt lamps are an unique way you can increase the quality of your sleep. A natural sodium lamp is simply a sodium crystal with a light source built into it. These natural salt deposits were created millions of years back and are generally found in salt fosse around the world. Heat from the light source causes the crystal to emit an electrical demand, releasing negative ions into the air. Negative ions are the “vitamins of the air”, and are beneficial to our health and wellness. himalayan salt lamp

Studies have shown that small volumes of negative ions can quickly kill bacteria up. Negative ions are found in huge quantities in vicinities of natural configurations like the forest and waterfall, and the volumes of the ions drop significantly in the occurrence of electrical equipment, like TELEVISION sets, computers and micro wave ovens. Electrical equipment produce positive ions, which are known as “fatigue” ions, because they may have harmful effects on the body. Hence the salt light is similar to a natural ionizer that can be used to blow up up the air in the room. Imagine your room smelling like the rainforest or fresh after a thunderstorm! Some common areas where people put their salt lamps would be next to a computer, or other electric equipment to “neutralize” the positive ions. Putting one at your bed area table could do miracles to improve your rest quality. 

Because these sodium lamps are natural air purifiers, they can be helpful for folks with difficult like bronchial asthma. In fact Speleotherapy is an alternative form of treatment for asthma patients in Eastern Europe that involves spending a few hours a day in underground salt mines for a couple of months.

The salt deposits used to make the salt lamps come in several natural colors which range from white to orange to crimson. The purple Persian sodium lamps have been known as a more effective aid for insomnia as people have reported sleeping peacefully better if they used a purple salt light fixture in their room.