So, What Does a Magician Do?

I understand, everyone has an idea about this already. A magician makes thing show up and dis-appear, makes things change color and the list goes on and on. This is all true. Magic is a lot of fun and people enjoy it. Basically I wrote an entire article on that by itself. Sometime when someone uses a magician, they have no idea exactly what an university wizard should do. I like to ask my clients when they first call,: “What are you wanting a wizard to do for your event. ” sometimes they have an answer and often they say; “I may know” or “I never seriously considered that… ” Magician Zürich

Because a magician, I give a service which service should follow the guidelines of any other service business. Now, keep in head my service is unique. What does the wizard ‘sell’ or ‘offer you”? The truth is, we sell memories. Now, here is where the problems come in. If you get an awesome wizard – he / she sells you awesome memories and if you get a normal wizard, he or she provides you awful memories. This kind of is where we must say, ‘caveat emptor’ area buyer beware. I am not going to pick a part entertainers – that’s not my goal, my goal is to get you to be aware and have them questions to see if they may be right for your event. That’s all. Perhaps I’ll write another article how to choose your entertainer.

So what will do a magician do? The key to giving an answer to this question is, ignore the tricks that the magician does. Look over and above those. Does the wizard create memories that will be remembered? Does they treat the audience along with your guests with respect? Does indeed he/she go above and beyond the call of duty? An awesome wizard should… always (to offer the late Eric Paul) let them have more that they expect.

So, when you hire a magician, have a strong picture in your mind of what you need that entertainer to do for your event. A wonderful, above average magician is able to do show after show after show and each show is fresh, new and clean. We have clients that i return to year after yr and never do the same show twice for. Now in time, my repeat business is 95% of my shows. I actually don’t perform a lot of advertisements and a few of the local magicians miss that. The truth is, We really know what a magician does indeed in fact it is my goal to do it perfectly that my clients have me back again year after year after year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hair dresser you already know, like and trust and can go back to each and every time you need flowing hair done? Wouldn’t it be nice to do that with your physician? Your lawyer?

Wow wait, did i just hear you say that is how you get it done? You go back to these service pros time after time? GREAT, exactly why? Is it because the offer great service? Great value etc? Thus, what does a wizard do? If you found the one that offered great service and created unforgettable recollections that lasted a life span, do you use him or her again and again? See, my business is unique but our service should be the most important to you the consumer.

Now when someone demands you the question; “what does a magician do? ” you might answer with this answer: “A great magician should deal with the wonder business like any other service professional. “