The Dangers of Fast Food

The fast food industry has included each concoction conceivable that they can legitimately escape with to someone who is addicted individuals to their nourishment. Truth be told, on the off chance that you eat fast food and you quit eating it, you really experience withdrawal indications. It resembles a medication. Not just that, the additives are so high in these fast food burgers nowadays that the item does not separate. Fast food has been connected in the expansion in corpulence in the two grown-ups and youngsters. Weight has achieved pandemic extents in our nation, especially in youngsters. Here are some startling measurements to consider:

65% of American grown-ups are overweight

30% of Americans are large 

As indicated by the American Obesity Association, 127 million Americans are overweight, 60 million Americans are hefty, and 9 million are “extremely chubby”: they measure 100 pounds more than they should.

Over the most recent twenty years, the rate of weight has multiplied in youngsters and tripled in youths and teenagers.

As of September 2004, nine million American children between the ages of six and eighteen were fat.


A KILLER Obesity-related diseases will execute around 400,000 Americans this year- – nearly the same as smoking. Americans have become so enormous that their pine boxes must be supersized!

Related ailments caused by weight:

Elevated cholesterol


Coronary illness

Bosom Cancer

Colon growth


Joint inflammation




In 2003, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that one out of three children conceived in America in the year 2000 will create sort 2 diabetes. The life of a ten-year-old tyke who has Type II diabetes will be, by and large, in the vicinity of seventeen and twenty-six years shorter than that of a sound youngster. Diabetes can prompt heart assaults, strokes, visual deficiency, kidney disappointment, and nerve harm in the lower legs which may bring about removal (82,000 of these cases happen each year). Diabetes is presently the 6th most astounding reason for death in America.

Fast Food is Everywhere

The ascent of the fast food industry assumes a basic part in why our nation is tormented with stoutness. Fast food is all around: in enormous urban communities, residential communities, shopping centers, the air terminal, the transport station, schools, and even healing centers!

There are 31,000 McDonald’s around the world right around 14,000 of them are in the U.S.

Individuals are Eating a great deal of Fast Food

Fast food has turned out to be less expensive and less demanding to purchase. In 2004, Americans burned through $124 billion dollars on fast food. That same year, The American Journal of Preventive Medicine distributed an examination demonstrating that the level of fast food calories in the American eating regimen has expanded from 3 percent to 12 percent in the course of the most recent twenty years.

Fast food culture was acquainted with different nations around the globe in the 1980’s. In nations like Japan and China, individuals have relinquished conventional solid eating regimens for fast food and therefore the rate of stoutness and different infections has taken off.

Fast Food Restaurants Serve More

Is fast food all over the place, as well as fast food organizations urge the shopper to eat more by providing larger than usual burgers, additional extensive servings for fries, and containers of pop.

Items like The Whopper, The Big Gulp, and Super Size dinners pack in an astounding measure of calories, sugars, and fats. How about we investigate: The Double Gulp pop at your nearby 7-11 holds 64 ounces of pop – that is a large portion of a gallon! It contains what might as well be called 48 teaspoons of sugar. An average ground sirloin sandwich at a fast food eatery measures six ounces. In 1957, it measured one ounce. As indicated by one nutritionist, your normal fast food dinner is more similar to three suppers.

The normal feast at a McDonald’s has 1,550 calories.

Fast Food is not Good For Us

We’re eating more sustenance that is not nutritious. Most fast-food dinners are high in fat, high in sugar, high in calories, high in starch, high in salt, and low in fiber and supplements. Since fast food needs supplements, after we eat it we’re not fulfilled. That makes us hungry for all the more before long.

Why kids are at a noteworthy hazard

Our kids are presented to a surge of promoting for fast food. Fast food chains spend all the more then $3 billion consistently on TV promoting. They purposefully crusade to kids so they move toward becoming long lasting clients. These are known as support grave promoting methodologies. Analysts have discovered that kids can regularly perceive an organization logo, similar to the Golden Arches, before they can perceive their own name.

In one year, the common American youngster observes increasingly that 40,000 TV advertisements. Around 20,000 of these promotions are for garbage sustenance: fast food, sweet, pop, and breakfast oats. This implies your kid sees a garbage nourishment promotion at regular intervals when they’re sitting in front of the TV.

To additionally inspire youngsters to eat fast food, organizations like McDonald’s have Happy Meals with free toys. McDonald’s gives away more than 1.5 billion toys each year. Just about one out of each three new toys given to American children every year is from McDonald’s or another fast food eatery.

Keeping in mind the end goal to battle these ascertained promoting methodologies, instructing our kids on adhering to a good diet propensities that are simple, fun, and taste awesome is vital. By instructing our kids how hurtful fast food is and how to eat more advantageous, they are engaged to settle on the correct decisions.