Tweet Later – Tools to Twitter Better

Facebook has become one of the latest social networking sites today! It is the “talk of the town” as they say, with everyone from Betty house wife to Mark Cuban to The President himself Twittering. There are various applications that allow you to optimize and streamline your Tweets, with new tools being introduced almost every day. Online marketers have also realized the power of Twitter while utilizing the automated applications like Twitter update Later, Twhirl, Twitter for iPhone and the list goes on. twitter favorites

One of the better Twitter tools that I came across is Twhirl the computer system client for social software. Now if you are like me the next question is “What is a desktop client? very well Basically it allows you to post tweets up to one hundred 40 characters letting your facebook friends really know what you are up to. It is going to run on Windows XP/Vista and MAC, it will reduce URLS, will cross post to your other favorite online communities, it is not hard to post your chosen pictures, allows you to search Twitter and best of all it is NO COST! This is merely a drop in the bucket for all the features of Twhirl but it will surely make Twittering more enjoyable.

One of the next Twitter tools My spouse and i like is Twitter for iPhone. This one is more self explanatory but I will go over some of the truly amazing features for iPhone Twitterers. This kind of application has featured on CNet and is merely really cool! It has recently been scaled so that Tweets will fit nicely on your iPhone. You can follow your Twitter friends, view profiles, tweet and add new Tweets to get better results as you go! Naturally you will need to have an iPhone and a Twitter be the cause of this to be useful. But what better excuse than this to get both.

My spouse and i saved the great for previous! Or at least it is my personal favorite so far, “Tweet Later”. There are over thirty seven thousand others that seem to be to agree that Twitter update Later Rocks! Tweet Afterwards is so popular for online affiliate marketers with features that come standard on the free version. Only to give you an overview of many of these features, pre-schedule tweets, keyword monitoring, automatically sends direct emails to your Followers on twitter, it will also follow any Tweeter that follows you, as well as managing multiple Forums accounts. This is absolutely simply a brief overview, it offers a lot more. There is also an upgraded version that will aid take your Twittering to new heights! One of the best features on the upgrade is that it will direct message to your entire Twitter accounts with one click.

This is merely a brief overview of three of the Tweets tools available, there are hundreds out there some good, some bad, depending on what their Twittering needs are. Initially when i first started using Twitter I absolutely did not understand how useful and fun it could be. Then I learned the Twitter tools which really increased the functionality of Twitter.