What Is the Difference Between LAN, WAN, and MAN Networks?



o LAN is the abbreviation form, Area Network.

o If several computers and peripheral devices are linked within a tiny area like a room, office, or a grounds, is named LAN. That is the group of pcs in a LAN that share a common interconnection. LANcet app review

o The data transmitting speed of LAN is 10- 100 mbps and it is slow when compared with WAN.

o Bus and Ring topologies are being used in LAN network.

o Found in LAN protocol a few data errors occur. 

to In office or home network they are generally linked by Ethernet cables and have high speed connection. Of course, if it is wireless setup then it is called WLAN.

u In LAN computer définitif are physically linked with wires.

o The interconnection sharing range of LOCAL AREA NETWORK is 1 km.

to Also, the expense of LAN is less compared to WAN & MAN.


to WAN is the decrease for Wide Area Network.

o It is the major network and can interconnect networks throughout the world and is not limited to a physical location.

o The example of WAN is the text of various branches of MNC such as Ms and these branches are linked by using micro wave satellite communication system.

to Additionally, the key example of WAN product is Telecom Program.

o The info transmission velocity of WAN is 256Kbps to 2Mbps and it has higher speed when compared with LAN & MAN.

u ATM, Frame Relay, Sonnet topology are being used in WAN network.

o Most WANs exist to hook up LANs that are not in the same geographical area.

o The bond sharing range of WAN is about 10, 000 Kms.

to Also, the expense of WAN is very expensive compared to LAN & MAN.


o MAN is the abbreviation for Metropolitan Region Network.

o It is larger than LAN network system and it links computer users in a particular geographical area.

um The main sort of MAN network is Wire tv.

o In addition, a sizable university may have a network so large that it could be classified as a MAN. As well as the GUY network system usually is out there to provide connectivity to large corporations.

o The data transmission speed of MAN is 5-10Mbps in fact it is sluggish than WAN and has higher speed than LOCAL AREA NETWORK.

o Distributed Queue Dual Bus [DQDB] topology can be used in GUY network.

o MAN networking system is larger than LAN and smaller than a WAN.

o The connection sharing range of MAN is up to 50 Kms.

o As well, the expense of MAN is higher than LAN.