Why Do I Want to Be a Magician?

This kind of question is a great destination to start. I was sure that a whole lot of us have already a pretty good idea why we wish to become magicians. This is the reason that we are getting at, approach a reason and assume that reason in your heart to hit your objectives. Take another look at why you want to be a magician. You may got into magic to pick up girls or to captivate or to be in five star hotels or to get people to happy. The reasons are all going to be very different and these questions and answers will help us to become better magicians and have better acts, acts more best suited to us and our unique experiences. Magician French-riviera

It helps us to ask themselves questions like, What type of magician do We want to be? Carry out I like comedy? Is usually my humor dry? Perform I like to perform for children or people? 

We don’t want to sound cruel here or steal your dream but what if you became a magician for the wrong reasons. As with any business, there are people involved in the field of Magic that would be better best suited to another career. Magic is designed for every person. That being said, requesting the key question, Why do I wish to be a wizard helps us get an improved grip on the desire and prevents us from saying “I should have went to medical school” later in life.

Alright, we know that you wish to be a magician and we never truly questioned it. Even so, it is necessary that you can revisit the dream, that is, experience all the reasons that you wished to become a magician in the first place.

For instance, a man who is a loving father might want to be a wizard because he enjoys children, wants to impress his own children and their friends, their parents and enjoys the ability to be somewhat ‘out of the. ‘ These are all valid reasons and he will have much success on his life path.

The reasons for doing anything are as wide and diverse as the people on world Earth. That is what is so awesome about our business. We have close up magicians, level magicians, parlor magicians, tv set magicians, Las Vegas magic, nightclub magicians, birthday magic, school show magicians, educational magicians, very good magic, unpleasant magicians, jealous magic and the list will go on forever. Yes, it is great to be a magician! Okay, those last three would be to make you laugh, this is a fun business… but retain in mind, it is a business and it deserves to be went like a business if you so choose to make your living from the ability of magic.

Again, you might simply want to do magic as a hobby that is certainly also just fine. We are definitely not questioning your reasons and no right or incorrect answer to these questions. It’s all about getting the dream and taking action on that dream to achieve your goals. A wise man said never compromise a dream.