Why Is Social Media Important in Music?

We all believe that social media is a massively accessible medium for keeping in touch with followers, but it is much more than that. free musically followers 2018

Nowadays social multimedia platforms offer free advertising campaign, ways to reach out to new customers, networking opportunities and SEO benefits.

To begin with lets look at the features of maximising the benefits associated with social media:

Gain enthusiasts
Receive radio play
Locate out about competitions 
Free of charge promotion
Gig bookings
Attain valuable industry contacts
plus much more…
We’re going to take you step-by-step through the two main sites (Facebook and twitter), then add it a few extra ones like Digg and Reddit, that provides huge boosts to readership if you go about everything in the right way.


Twitter is important for musicians, not only will it contain your enthusiasts, it includes record labels, music festival organisers, venues, a radio station stations – pretty much whoever you could picture in the industry will likely have a twits account. Now you know that you can use the following ways to get the most away of it:

1 Twitterfall

Twitterfall is a site let us you search for specific conditions in specific areas. It basically filters the tweets from all around the globe in to the exact conditions most likely looking for.

If My spouse and i added a search for “free music promotion” the tweets would filter away one by one, with the tweet and the users profile details. We can then reply straight to the users by connecting with twitter (highly recommended), and this way in 5 mins I could get the right type of men and women checking out my profile and promoting me personally totally free.

Use your heads with the search term, you can also established a geolocation if you wanted to look for “bands available” in “London” for example. The great thing about this is you can also save your valuable hunts, add exclusions and maintain coming back day after day to new twitter updates from different users.

2 Twellow

The self announced yellow pages of Tweets.

You can search within certain industries for folks that relate to your industry. For our purposes we shall look within Music and then the subcategory of Record Labels.

This kind of provides a couple of twitter users who are participating with record labels from around the world – you may then edit this down to people near your location, providing you with a gorgeous set of very important to follow and possibly drop a direct message allowing them to know about who you are and what you do.

And not to note you can add yourself to the twellow directories for free, so that whenever people look for musicians in say the London area there you are!

3 Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is a downloadable ap that is super useful at following others, looking for trends, messaging people with ease and essentially offers an organised version of twitter.

With the software you can modify columns to show your tweets, tweets of others, direct messages, global queries, use multiple accounts, plan your tweets and even more – it’s basically a web twits version of a deluxe army knife.

Hootsuite is a similar device to Tweetdeck, and preferred by some – so make certain to check on them both away.


Every artist and band that’s around should have a Facebook webpage (And probably already does).

It’s taken over from MySpace as the amount one stop for groups on a social medium, and whilst MySpace still has a place, the massive regarding sites such as Soundclowd and the massive use of Facebook . com means that it’s the first destination to keep your fans updated.